Aahil and Sanam are seen romancing with deadly eye locks and constant staring. Reporter says, their love story have started and they are saying I love you by their eyes. They will profess I love you soon to each other.

Aahil says, she is trying to know me. Sanam says, he is also trying to know me. Aahil says, she is expressing love with her eyes. Sanam says, she doesn’t know what is happening as they are not husband and wife. They will get divorce after three months but still they are taking a contest.

Reporter says, they have done a contract marriage, but what to do as their hearts are bringing them closer.

Aahil says, they are trying to romance since 3 months. He has immense romance which he can’t express. He says, girls wants to use me for money, and even my Ammi. I got this girl Sanam who wants me for who I am. Kuch Khaas Hain Song plays……..

Reporter says, this romantic scene is shot for the show where Aahil is making a home. Sanam asks him about his dream house. Aahil says, just as you like.

Reporter says, they fight too much offscreen. Sanam and Aahil are seen teasing each other while giving an interview. Aahil says, there is dhamaka going to happen after Aahil expresses his love. Sanam says, they enjoy enacting the roles. Reporter says, hopes that their love story will pick up the speed. Keep reading.

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