Nisha is getting engaged to Ritesh but she takes her hand back and gives Kirti’s hand in Ritesh hands.

Reporter says, Nisha was getting engaged to Ritesh but a twist came in last point and instead of Nisha, her cousin Kirti will get engaged. Ritesh was about to put ring in ring finger of Nisha but he stopped. Ritesh before making Nisha wear the ring says that he likes Kirti and wanted to marry her. Nisha smiles and gives Kirti’s hand in Ristesh.

Reporter says, Nisha got to know about truth of Kirti that she was sacrificing her love for Nisha so how can Nisha marry ritesh.

off-screen Nisha says, finally everything is normal, I was trying to unite Ritesh and Kirti and I have succeeded in that. I am very for both of them. Kirti says, its all because of Nisha that me and Ritesh are together.

Reporter says, if off-screen Mohsin aka ritesh had to chose one of them to put ring in finger then who would he chose between Heli (Kirti) and Aneri (Nisha). Aneri (Nisha) says, Mohsin (Ritesh) will make one of us wear the ring, lets see who is he going to chose, Heli aka Kirti stealthily points him to make Aneri wear the ring Mohsin says, I have made heli wear the ring in the show so now I will make Nisha aka Aneri wear the ring, Nisha says you cant be diplomatic. he makes Aneri wear the ring, Aneri jokes that no I am breaking this engagement, Mohin then make Heli wear his ring.

Reporter says, n her engagement, we found Nisha’s dressing little surprising as she was wearing patiala shalwar Kameez with blazer. Nisha says, I could have in jeans and shirt in my engagement, thank go I have worn these too.

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