Ranveer has entered the house and throws a grand party as he wants to invite Ishani there.

Reporter says, Finally the time has come for which Ranveer was waiting from a long time, the time has come for which Ranveer has turned himself into RV. Today Ranveer will come infront of Ishani and will shock Chirag. Ranveer has given a wonderful party in the same house where he used to work as a servant and where he started loving Ishani. Ranveer has bought this house and has invited Ishani in party to meet her.

Off-screen Ranveer says, I am number one stock broker in market so my party should be grand. I am known to throw big parties and this party is for ishani.

Reporter says, Ishani is still in fake love trap of chirag. Today also she has come with chirag. She doesn’t know that this party and this house is of ranveer.

Ranveer says, this is the sole problem of my life that ishani roams around with chirag. Chirag in interview says, its chirag’s master plan to swipe all of money and it doent matter if it comes from ranveer or Ishani.

Reporter says, ishani has come to her house after long time and she couldn’t recognize her house as ranveer has changed Parekh’s house to RV’s house.

Ishani says, Its amazing. My house is changed totally and I couldn’t recognize it but its very beautifully decorated and its a classic look.

Reporter ask chirag that when Ranveer will come infront of him as Billionaire Rv, what will be his reaction? Chirag says, It will be shocking, nobody expected that he will become so rich in just two years so It will be shocking for everyone.

Reporter advises Rv to meet Ishani and profess his love for her as this chirag will not make his ways straight. He came in party with Ishani but is seen flirting with western girl.