Sarla is seen emotionally talking to Pragya. Tujhe Main Duayein Dun song plays while mother and daughter share a emotional moment. Reporter says, this pain cannot be seen by anyone, the tears which no one can wipe off. It can be wipe from mom’s anchal.

Pragya is hiding her pain in her heart because of which she is shedding tears. Sarla can see her pain. Parla is seen crying trying to hide her pain. Reporter says, she tried to hide her pain but a mother knows everything.

Pragya says, maa is like a doctor and catches her children’s nerve. Sarla says, a maa comes to know everything. Reporter says, Pragya assured her mum that she will manage everything. Sarla says, Pragya assured me that she will handle her problems and will win. She can’t get anything get wrong.

Reporter says, their offscreen chemistry is good too. They didn’t need glycerine for the scene. Pragya says, they call her mum. Sarla says, they are like my daughters. I have two daughters at home too. Reporter asks Pragya to have faith on Sarla’s trust, may be Abhi will come to take you back home. Keep reading.

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