Pragya hugs Abhi while the song Hamesha Tumko Chaha plays……………Abhi makes her wear the bangles and looks at her. She gets her ready for marriage. He takes off his mangalsutra from her neck while some mantras plays. Pragya gets emotional and hugs him. Abhi gets confused. Reporter says Pragya wants to live the moments. She wants to hugs him in these last moments.

Reporter says we can understand Pragya’s feelings, but what about Abhi. He doesn’t have love nor pity for her. He is taking off the last thing of their marriage. Pragya couldn’t stop crying. She loves Abhi and have to far from him. Abhi says she is looking beautiful. Pragya says he did all the arrangements. Reporter says no one knows whether Pragya will get married or not. As you know that serials hero and heroine can’t be separated.

Abhi says they have divorced, and Pragya is still in their house. Some guests doesn’t want Pragya to get married to Suresh. Something is going to happen and We are waiting what is in store for us. Reporter says Abhi will accept her after knowing the truth. Keep reading.

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