Pragya got proof of her innocence, but lost it. Aaliya asks her where is the proof? She says truth is that I have done everything. Reporter says Pragya is trapped between right and wrong. She talks to Bulbul. Bulbul tells Abhi that the proof was stolen. Mitali blames Pragya.

Abhi tells her that you don’t have proofs. I had given you 24 hours. Reporter says how will Pragya proof that she is innocent and sacred. Abhi says he is not completely sure if she is guilty or not. He have to stand by his decision.

Reporter says Pragya managed to get the proof, but someone has stolen it. Everyone is asking Pragya to proof of her innocence and is trapped.

Aaliya says they are the villians and have trapped Pragya. Mitali and Tanu laughs. Reporter says God will bring someone who will proof her innocence. Pragya is confident. Pragya says they are destined to stay together. Reporter says they are happily rejoicing on the set. Keep reading.

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