Aliya goes hysterical and tries to harm Pragya. She says she will kill her. Abhi stops her and tries to calm her down. Reporter says, today Pragya’s life is in danger. Aliya wants to kill her.

Aliya asks Abhi, why is he stopping her as Pragya is responsible for Purab leaving her. Reporter says, Aliya has gone mad. Just look at her doings.

Aliya asks Abhi not to come in between and tells that Purab left her for Pragya. Reporter says, Aliya won’t leave Pragya. Aliya asks Abhi to end Pragya’s chapter permanently. She says, Pragya might file a case against them and asks for money.

Aliya gives the interview saying that it was breaking news for her. She is deeply hurt in the heart as she got her brother married to Pragya. She thinks she ruined Abhi’s life.

Reporter says, Aliya is threatening Pragya infront of everyone. She says, Abhi is in remand as three women are doing injustice to him. Pragya says, all the women have surrounded him.

Abhi says, she is right. Confusion is cleared, but still there is misunderstanding. Pragya says, she don’t say anything to them but tells to Abhi.

Reporter says, Tanu has showed her true colours. Pragya has no option than to shed tears. Tanu says, she is very scared but luckily she is safe as Abhi don’t know about the letter which she hide.

Reporter asks Pragya to get underground else you will see Abhi’s concert in heaven. Keep reading.

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