Maham anga is taking her last breaths. Jalal is coming near to her, she imagines jalal as kid whom she has nourished. She smiles seeing jalal. Jalal is tensed. Jalal comes to her and cries along with her. Maham is very serious condition and hugs jalal.

Reporter says, the mother who gave her food to jalal, the mother who used to sing lullabies for jalal, the mother who used to get tensed seeing a small wound on jalal. This lady was more than a mother to jalal and now when is leaving world, she made Shehehsha jalal cry.

Maham loses her breath and is dead now. Reporter says, the person who make his enemy afraid with his voice is shivering now. His mother Maham is going away from him to God. Jaane nahi dengy tujhe plays.

Reporter says, mother who gave more to jalal than her own son adham is leaving world but she wants to give one message to jalal. Maham says to jalal that today I salute this Rajvanshi women jodha infront of all. She is your special wife. Reporter says, first maham was disturbed that jalal is not comng to meet her in her last time as she tried to kill him earlier, but then jalal comes to her keeping aside all his problem with her. Both mother and son cried a lot and nobody could stop him.

Reporter says, today jodha can’t even handle jalal. This scene can bring tears in anybody’s eyes.
Off-screen maham says, when Jalal told me that I will remain prime minister but will not be his mother, that time maham was hurt a lot as she has given her whole life to Jalal ignoring Adham. Then, maham thought that now I will make my own son Adham powerful but he died too and this was the last blow to maham, she couldn’t bear his death.

Jodha gives interview. She says, maham never liked jodha. Jodha didn’t have any problem with her but maham had never liked her and now when her last time has come so she repenting for her mistakes and she is sorry for her wrong doings and we have also forgiven her as she is leaving the world.

Reporter says, after last scene of maham and jalal, all clapped for her. Maham’s last scene is shot and is shown to lying plank, ready to be buried in grave. Maham’s character has ended in the show and all cheered for her.

Resham Khan gives interview. she says, I am feeling very bad as maham is leaving the show. I am very close to maham and she is like my mother, she gave support at every point.

Reporter says, before leaving maham gave biryani party to crew and clicked pictures with them. Maham’s important character will be missed and we will miss the mother who used to love her child (jalal) more than anything.

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