The title song of the show plays……………at the party of the show. Amrit of Amrit Manthan and Ranveer and Alek come for the party. Raj and Avni of Aur Pyaar Hogaya come for the launch. They saw the first episode of the show and then enjoyed the party. Raj tells that it is their producer Rajan Shahi’s show. He is very happy.

The show’s heroine tells about the show. It is a very interesting story of a girl who comes out of coma after 12 years. Alek tells that it is Rajan Shahi’s show and the show appears promising. Show’s director tells that the show is family entertainer. It can be seen by all ages.

It is a story of Neha who comes out of coma after 12 long years and behaves like a child. She loves Aman since childhood, but doesn’t recognize him and calls him uncle. Aman is left speechless. Reporter says, Neha acts innocently and justifies her character perfectly. We can’t say looking at the first episode but hopes to see the future episodes. Keep reading.

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