Sonakshi gives her guest appearance. She puts on some moves with Salman Khan on Dabbang’s songs. Salman says, so everyone, meet slim and smart sonakshi. Last time she came in tons now she is in grams. Salman says I love her father. Sonakshi says why don’t you utter any of dialogues, in his style. Salman says his style is unique and inimitable. Salman says, “once I made a commitment after that I don’t even listen my own voice. Quiet. I will pierce you from so many places that you…” in Shakrughan’s style. Sonakshi laughs.

Salman says who is your favorite co-star? Akshay Kumar, Ajay Dewgan or Saif Ali Khan. Sonakshi says why only these three? He says if I was an option you would have said my name. If I say, Salman, Shahrukh or Amir? what would you say? Sonakshi says, Salman because you and Shahrukh have patched up now. Salman says nothing like that has happened. Sonakshi says you are friends. He says no no no. Sonakshi says no package deal? Salman says yes no deal. Sonakshi says still Salman.

Salman says, If i were Shahrukh and I ask you hey Sonali (stammering like Shahrukh). Sonakshi says, s..s..s. Salman. Salman says she is making fun of her seniors. Sonakshi says you did it first. salman says I can. Sonakshi says you imitated my dad as well right in front of everyone. Salman says your dad isn’t a senior we are all same. He is my bro.

Sonakshi meets in-mates. Diandra and Gautam do a performance. Diandra kisses him on cheek. Later, Karishma and Pritham dance on the floor. Sonakshi is amused. Dimpy and puneet dance as well.

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