Diandra is lifting Gautam on her back. Gautam says I am heavy, you can’t lift me up, Diandra says I have lifted many guys, you are not a big problem. Gautam jokes that how could she lift another guy other than him. Gautam sings Diandra Diandra take me to bandra. Minissha says when Diandra will go out of her house then guys will sing this song behind her, they laugh.

Praneet says to other team that our team name is Chicken Akela( chicken alone). Gautam says then our team name is chicken khamwakha( left out Chicken), they laugh. Both the teams start playing Kabaddi. First Gautam and Karishma comes from different teams, Gautam wins the point by grabbing Karishma. Then comes Diandra and Sushant from their teams, Sushant wins the point. Then comes upen and Arya comes to play, Arya wins.

After playing Kabaddi, the door of aero planes opens, contestants go in to find aero plane changed and is more luxury now. It has comfortable seats and edible stuff. Karishma reads notification from bigg boss that seats and food stuff are upgraded for passengers.

Society members announces to contestants that after completion of first task “SACRIFICE”, you all can make your favorite food now. the time plane’s door gets opened, you can see kitchen in house. After door is opened, contestants runs to see the kitchen and are happy. Soni says I will make roties.

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