Avni slaps Raj repeatedly as Raj refuses to marry her. Reporter says, Avni gets shattered and shocked. Raj tells her that he don’t want to marry her. Chan Se Jo Toote Koi………plays…..Reporter says, twist came in between their love.

Raj tells Avni that his friends will laugh on his bad choice if his marries her. Avni gets angry and slaps him hard. She asks, how can you say you that. Raj says, we had a fight but everything will be fine at the end. Avni says, Raj is angry but definitely Avni will agree him. She grabs his collar. Raj tells that his decision is final.

Avni says, Raj and Avni love each other from their heart. Reporter says, we know evertthing, the reason behind their break up is Raj’s father anfd Avni’s mom who loved each other but couldn’t marry. Will Raj and Avni have to pay for the past. Avni gets shattered and leaves. Raj closes the door. Keep reading.

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