Abhi is seen talking to Pragya and Tanu. He dances happily after the scene is cut. Reporter says, today Abhi got double bonanza, his wish is fulfilled. At one side is his ghar wali and other side he have modern bahar wali. His wish is fulfilled.

Abhi is seen hugging Tanu. He is tired of seeing his wife face. Tanu reached there to make him happy. Pragya asks, aren’t you ashamed. Tanu says, you shall be ashamed and tells Abhi that Pragya called their relation illegitimate. She says, Pragya said that your relation with her is respected by society and our relation is looked badly.

Abhi says, they are doing a fantasy show. We are showing a man’s thoughts. Abhi dreams that Pragya is making him work. They have a good time while shooting. Reporter says, Pragya’s kumkum identity have changed.

Pragya has won Dadi’s heart that’s why she is always ready to help her. Dadi offers to help but Pragya says she will do. Reporter says, Pragya will need you soon as Abhi will ask Pragya to leave the house. Keep reading.

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