Sid is seen serving the guests at the party thrown by DD. Jab Se Padi Hain Aafat……..plays. DD tells her friends that he is not driver but her Jamai. She asks Sid to make food and tea. Sid says, DD asked me to make food. It is interesting as most men don’t know how to cook food. He says, he can’t forcibly prepare it.

Reporter says, Jamai is doing the household chores. DD tells her friends that Sid is her Jamai and also Servant. Reporter says, he has prepared so many dishes which even ladies can’t make. Sid says, he has made his speciality dishes. He tells about the names of the dishes. Reporter says, DD wanted to trouble Sid, but he really enjoyed the work.

Sid tells her friends that he likes adventure and risks. Sid says, he really Sid and DD’s scene and had all the fun shooting. Reporter says, Sid have become superman also. DD says, she is taking her test. Reporter says, Sid will take up every challenge laid by DD as it is his responsibility to fulfill the duties now. Keep reading.

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