Everyone pose for pictures at Sahir’s house. Reporter says it seems Sahir and Arzoo are giving tashan to each other, but what is Kurti Apa doing here. Ada song plays………. It seems all is well between them. It is just offscreen scene. Kurti Apa is making an issue and shouting loudly.

Sahir and Arzoo say that Kurti Apa was badmouthing and scolding them. Arzoo says she saw me with Zaki and that’s why badmouths about me. She created a scene. Reporter says Kurti Apa needed a chance to insult Arzoo, but Sahir came to her rescue and tells Kurti Apa that Arzoo was in her room. She is very noble girl. Reporter says Sahir stopped Arzoo’s tears. Sahir says it was strange for Sahir.

Arzoo gets angry seeing Sarfaraz and asked Farah to leave with Sarfaraz. Arzoo says Sarfaraz came to talk to her and she throw him out. Reporter says Sahir will soon fall in love with Arzoo and will become her humsafar. Keep reading.

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