Ishita is driving car, Raman gets out of car and starts walking, Ishita runs behind him and holds him, she slaps him hard. Reporter says, Ishita is angry on Raman, Raman can’t forget his pain. Raman shouts that I am questioning God, why he is doing this with me? Reporter says, Ishita tried to make Raman understand with love but when he didnt, she had to slap him to bring him to consciousness.

Off-screen Ishita says, Raman was driving after drinking, Police caught as he was about to have accident, I am angry on him, I was taking him back but he started crying, and got out of car, I was trying to pacify him but his male ego is hurt that he is responsible for my pain, as a wife I am trying to support him.

On-screen Raman breakdown in tears and cries, Ishita hugs him. Raman throws away his wine bottle and hugs Ishita.

Off-screen Ishita says, when you feel guilty for anything then its very difficult to forget it.

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