Ishita fasts for Raman on Karwa chauth but Shagun’s ghost makes her eat meat before the time to breaking the fasts. Everyone comes in the room and sees Ishita enjoying a chicken leg. Simi says Ishita are you out of your mind? Ishita doesn’t listen to them. Raman says Ishu.. Ishita says whats your problem? Why you people have so many issues. I will eat whatever I want, wear whatever I want. Now go from here.
Later when Shagun’s ghost leaves Ishita, she cries for eating before the time. Everyone consoles her and tells her that its not her fault. She completes her fast then and Raman makes her eat.

Later Raman goes in storeroom to bring Ishita’s gift. Shagun again comes in Ishita and she fights with Raman.
Later, everyone was talking in living room. Shagun calls on Ishita’s phone. Everyone is scared and dazed.

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