Reporter says Thakur Saheb’s children are caring for Chakor and making her eats chocolates with their hands. There are so many items for Chakor. Tarkeebe plays. You might be thinking why they have become so good for Chakor. It is conspiracy by Badi Malkin. She wants to let down Chakor infront of the basti friends. Badi Malkin asks her son to make Chakor eat the special chocolate.

The kids makes Chakor eats the chocolates and she fell unconscious. The kids laugh. Thakur’s man comes there with basti kids. They get shocked seeing Chakor with thakur kids. Emily tries to make the basti kids understand that it is a conspiracy. Even Chakor tried to explain, the basti kids asks Chakor to leave the school. Chakur refuses to leave the school. Keep reading.

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