Gulkan lights the match stick and throws on the floor. Ayodhya and others try to set off the fire. Reporter says big drama is happening here. Elder bahu gets angry. Payal says she stands silently and cries. Dev says they say just main.

Payal says she has to bear and stay silent. Gulkan says it is just starting and let’s see what I do.

Reporter says Dev reaches Payal’s office holding her tiffin for her. She asks if he is Joru Ka Ghulam. Dev says he wants to meet Payal and that’s why reaches the office. Payal is surprised to see her husband in the office.

Reporter says whatever it is, but good. She says when Dev reached the office and told that he is Payal’s husband, he is being welcome by the employees. She says Payal’s love will give him strength to fight. Keep reading.

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