Mata ji points dagger at Mausi ji. Reporter says, Mata ji will not leave Mausi ji today, she will take revenge of her all pains, till today Mausi ji has stressed her but today Mata ji will finish her game.

Offscreen Mata ji, all are tensed her as they know that when i get things in hand, I use it, so when I got dagger in my hands, all got afraid that I will cut someone today.

Offscreen Simar says, Mausi ji gets afraid quickly, she has realized that her son is not with her anymore.

Reporter says, Simar and Maya gave support to Mata ji and they warned Mausi ji nicely.

Offscreen Mata ji says, i will teach her lesson that one should not stoop so low that other have to take action. Simar and Maya agrees that its nice to do warning scenes as its different from regular sugary scenes.

Reporter says, seems like the three ladies have succeeded in their plan as Mausi ji has got confused, she has got afraid. Mausi ji says, that my character is always like this, she gets afraid quickly, she told her son to run away with money, then Simar warned me and I knew it that these sisters can do anything, somewhere down the line, I knew i will lose.

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