Sarojini has got her Sautan. Saajan saajan plays…. The reporter says it does not look Somendra can have any girlfriend. The girl has worn bridal dress and bangles. She has knocked Sarojini’s life, one side its Sarojini who get ready to marry Somendra again, and another girl has come to marry Somendra. She looks very clever from her face, Sarojini think what will happen now. Offscreen Sarojini says maybe our love will increase after his second marriage.

The reporter says Manisha has come by fool proof plans. Sarojini is happy that she did not get any heavy lehenga in her marriage. Offscreen Sarojini says earlier lehenga was 25 kgs, I asked for lightest lehenga this time, I can run in this too. The reporter asks her to go to Somendra fast, else he may get married to someone else. Keep reading.

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