Gopi says where is rashi? Radha says i have no concern with her i don’t care if that baby lives or dies. Gopi says shut up and is about to slap her, radha holds her hand. Radha slaps Gopi and hits her head against a rock multiple times. Later when Gopi faints, Radha shoves Gopi from the cliff. Radha says you always got more than me. I will take revenge of all you took from me. You took ahem from me. I have waited for this moment since years, i will get what i deserve. Gopi slips down, her face is bleeding. She binds a stone with her so she drowns for sure.

Off screen: Gopi says I have been slapped like about 100 times. I must say she has performed really well. Gopi says I got some miraculous power. A new chapter will be started.

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