Raj Kundra’s lawyer requests court to fast-track trials against the businessman

eaders would be aware that about a year ago, Raj Kundra was caught in a major controversy after the business tycoon was accused of promoting and distributing pornographic content. A chargesheet against the entrepreneur was filed by the Mumbai Crime cell last year, after which, Kundra was taken into custody. With the trial against the entrepreneur still continuing, his advocate Prashant Patil has submitted a request to the Mumbai court to fast-track the upcoming trials against the entrepreneur.

In a statement given by Prashant Patil, advocate of Raj Kundra, he has accused the prosecution of postponing the trail. The statement reads, “My client Mr/. Raj Kundra is a Victim of false prosecution. Years have passed by in anticipation of the trial to begin, but, it’s looks like, in spite of consistent efforts to expedite the trial court process, the prosecution is more interested in delaying the trial.”

Further the statement also accuses a certain section of media to jump the gun without investigating the facts. It continued, “Without having compete knowledge of truth, certain “trigger happy “segment of media pounced on my client and have already pronounced a “verdict “without verifying the facts and truth of the story.”

He has also asserted in the statement that no any evidence was found against Kundra and that the latter’s fundamental rights have been infringed. “The truth is, considering the entire charge sheet to be true for the sake of arguments, there is absolutely no evidence against my client Mr Raj Kundra,” added the statement

“The fundamental right of my client is getting infringed when he is denied his right to face a fair and expeditious trial. We have complete Faith in the Honourable Judiciary and that is the reason why we have moved an application before the Honourable Court to conduct the Judicial Proceedings on day to day basis. If my client is found Guilty of the allegations levied against him, he may be convicted by the Honourable Court. But, if my client is innocent, then, he deserves to be acquitted from the fake allegations expeditiously. Justice delayed is Justice denied. Hoping for expeditious outcome of the matter by following due process of Law,” concluded the lawyer’s plea.

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