Corporator gets Pragya kidnapped instead of Bulbul, and says he will marry her. He says you can’t marry someone else. He says Pandit ji will come and get them married. He sees her face and gets taken aback. Reporter says Pragya is in trouble and is trapped by him. What will happen to her. Pragya starts protesting, but his goons make her smell chloroform again. She gets unconscious. Reporter says Pragya got kidnapped because of her sister. Sarla says Bulbul got engaged and asks her to show her diamond ring. Bulbul shows the ring and smiles. Pragya is struggling to get free from the kidnappers’ captivity. She is kept in the corporator’s godown.

Bulbul says she is getting engaged because of Abhi, but something will happen as nothing comes easy. Reporter says corporator reach the party to kidnap Bulbul, but brings Pragya because of the darkness. He sees her face after bringing her. He is stupid and couldn’t see her face. He ruined Aaliya’s plan. Aaliya says her plan has got ruined. Reporter asks who will save Pragya now? She says ofcourse Abhi. Aaliya says she is scared and that’s why will tell Corporator to leave Pragya. Sarla says she has faith on her daughter’s Kumkum. Keep reading.

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