Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays as Abhi and Pragya return home and hug their family. Abhi hugs Dadi and gets emotional. Pragya hugs Sarla and Bulbul and then takes Dadi’s blessings. Reporter says Abhi and Pragya have come back home. Everyone welcome them happily and lovingly. Pragya gave lovely hug to her mum Sarla. Bulbul sings the song Kabhi khushi kabhi kidnap kabhi kuch aur. Pragya says they have returned home after overcoming many troubles and running for long time. Reporter says kabhi kidnapping, kabhi something.

Abhi and Pragya are always in trouble. They got a chance to change their attire now. They have enjoyed with their family. Abhi says he has turned black due to continuous shooting in jungle. Reporter says Pragya confesses her feelings for you, and what is next. Abhi says everything seems to be good in jungle. We will look practically and see whether our relation takes a turn. Pragya says yes. Reporter says you both can stop fighting with each other. Keep reading.

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