Roshini slaps Rajveer repeatedly. Rajveer gets angry and reacted. He tries to slap her back, but Sid reaches the place and holds Rajveer’s hand. Roshini says she comes to know about Sam’s kidnapping and Rajveer is involved in it. She says she slaps Rajveer. He gets angry and tries to slap her, but Sid comes and saves her like her true hero.

Sid tells that he stopped Rajveer from slapping Roshini and his true intention will be revealed. Kritika comes and asks how dare you? She asks what you are doing with him. Sid gets angry seeing Rajveer raising his hand on his wife.

He tells Kritika about Rajveer’s fraud. He calls Rajveer to be fraud, cunning and a loafer. Roshini says Sid exposed rajveer and they will make sure that he gets out of the house. Roshini tries to calm him down. Reporter says they didn’t know that Kritika and Rajveer are partner in crime. Keep reading.

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