Kisi Shayer Ki Ghazal plays while DD dances with her husband Shiv. Sid brings his father in law to DD’s house. Reporter says DD gets a chance to dance with her husband. Sid is enjoying seeing his saas and sasur dance. They continue to dance.

Sid says romance doesn’t end with ageing. He says he will never let their love story end and will try to unite them. Reporter says Sid has decided to unite them. Roshni is against her Papa. Like always Sid will try to unite Roshni and her father.

Roshni tells Kesar that she don’t want to see him at home. Kesar agrees. Sid asks her to see his condition and says he may badmouths about DD. Roshini says he have to face me before he says anything against her mum.

Reporter says Nani is also against DD and Shiv’s love. She is doing the same thing which DD did for Roshni’s love. She hopes Sid helps DD get her lost love back. Keep reading.

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