Jab koi Baat bigar Jaye, tum Dena Sath mera song plays. Reporter says, sooraj has fear in heart but has more trust on his wife Sandhya, He has inhibitions but is confident about his IPS wife and when diya and Baati are together, nobody can do anything.

Reporter says, On the marriage anniversary of Sooraj and Sandhya, all members of Rathi family have come to mandir to pray for couple’s safety and long life but Sooraj’ heart is beating fast, criminal RK’s name is surfing in his mind. He is thinking that what if Rk’s eclipse plan destroy the family. this fear is eating him inside.

Onscreen, Sandhya says to Sooraj that I swear on lord that I wont let anything bad happen to family, I will protect them, don’t worry.

Off-screen Sooraj says, there was little fear inside me but after coming to mandir is gone because mandir have positivity. we get less chance to show how strong are we but we are strong.

reporter says, Sooraj maybe in tension but no one make Bhabhoo and Emily afraid, RK is like a insect for them.

Off-screen Bhabhoo says, nothing will happen to my son, Sandhya is there for them and they together will see that RK, Emily interrupts that she will beat RK too, Bhabhoo says yes I will also come to beat RK.

Off-screen Sooraj says, this location of mandir where we are shooting is the same mandir where we shot the first pilot sequence of show, we shot many scenes here but I am remembering the first shoot here.

Reporter says, we wish that lord give your family strength to fight with RK and keep smiling.

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