The reporter says Anandi and Nimboli are celebrating Teej festival. It has brought happiness for them. The family is shown celebrating Teej in Dadisaa’ s haveli. The reporter says Teej function was going on grandly.

Offscreen Anandi says they are celebrating Teej, guests have come, they have made many guests, its important. Offscreen Ganga says she has kept fast for Jagya, they faced many problems and now light moment has come. The reporter says Dadisaa got reason to be happy, they also do Neem puja at home. The ladies are dressed well and beautifully.

Ganga takes bridal avatar in red lahenga and saree. Ganga says she is suhagan and wore bright red clothes and jewelry to celebrate Teej with her husband. Anandi does all the arrangements of the food. The twist comes and Mannu leaves the family, and goes to meet Pooja.

Jagya gets to know this and gets angry on Mannu. He asks him where did he go, and asks him not to lie. Mannu acts rude and argues with his father. Dadisaa scolds him. Mannu asks her to say would she allow if she asked him and went to celebrate Teej with Pooja. The family gets upset by Mannu. Keep reading.

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