Raj and Avni are seen fighting while the song I hate you like I love you plays…….Reporter says one moment is love and the other moment is hatred. Raj tells Avni that he hates her more than she does. One side is love and the other side is attack.Raj asks what do you need. Raj says I thought you wants to end our relation. Avni says relation but not marriage.

Avni left her home and reached Raj’s home to take revenge. Avni tells him that she will take revenge from him and his family. Avni says she has decided to trouble Raj. Reporter says Raj is ready to answer Avni. He challenges Avni. Raj says he will kick her out of the house. Avni says she won’t and laughs.

Reporter says Raj’s Virat Mama will add fire to their fight. Virat says he wants to ruin Raj and get Avni. Raj gets shocked knowing his intention. Reporter says Avni is praying to Hanuman and asks her to recite Hanuman Chalisa as there is so much fight in the future. Keep reading.

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